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School Day

School Hours

Children may arrive on school premises from 08:30 and go onto the playground; children in Hedgehog class go straight into their classroom. The playground and the classroom are both supervised by adults. If it is particularly wet, or there is heavy snow, the children will be able to enter the classrooms early.

08.50  Children are expected to be on the playground and a bell will be rung for them to line up prior to entering into school

08:55  All children need to be in classrooms ready for registration

09:00 – 12:00   Morning session

12:00 – 13:00   Lunchtime

                       Wednesday lunchtime is from 11:45 – 12:45

13:00 – 15:15   Afternoon session

15:15               Children go home 

Children in key stage 1 are taken outside and handed over to their parents by the Class Teacher. Key stage 2 children leave independently but are instructed to return to their Teacher or the school office if there is no-one to collect them.

We encourage children to be as independent as possible. Should a parent wish to see a Teacher, we ask that they leave this until the end of the day whenever possible, or make an appointment unless the issue is urgent.

If your child arrives after registration and is late for any reason other than a scheduled appointment or illness, we ask that you put the details into the late book which is sited outside the school office. In any event, children arriving outside of the normal school day should enter and leave the school via the school office.

Car parking space is limited and parents are asked to take care when parking to ensure the safety of everyone arriving and departing. Please be mindful of our immediate neighbours along Lucas Road and Freeman Road and park respectively, not blocking driveways.

Children are not allowed to arrive or depart through the double gates that open onto Freeman Road which is a designated car park for staff.


Each day all children will attend an assembly as follows:

Monday          14.40  Whole School                 

Tuesday         14.40  Whole School   

Wednesday    12.45  Whole School – Music assembly

Thursday        09:05  Whole School 

Friday             14.40  Whole School – Children’s celebration assembly