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Assessing Without Levels Non Negotiables

The National Curriculum came into existence in 1988 to ensure all pupils were able to access a full coverage of subjects at a common standard. A change to these curriculum expectations and standards has been made since September 2014 and there are statutory requirements for all year groups from September 2015. This curriculum has some higher expectations. This has some implications, for example, pupils who were previously working just above national expectations may well be in line now.

New assessment arrangements are also in place.  EYFS are now required to submit an early ‘baseline assessment’ and in future the progress of pupils will be measured from this. They are assessed at the end of the year against the eight prime areas and two in Maths and English. In Key Stage 1 and 2 there will no longer be levels and instead children will work towards an ‘age related expectation’ during the year. These expectations are set out in the revised curriculum. Pupils will work on a programme of study and progress will be measured against some non-negotiable statements. 

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